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Ardas PDF (Gurmukhi) Summary

Ardas, in the context of Gurmukhi, refers to a Sikh prayer that holds great significance in Sikh religious practices. It is a formal supplication and petition to the Almighty, seeking guidance, protection, and blessings for the entire Sikh community and humanity at large. The word “Ardas” itself means “prayer” or “supplication” in Punjabi. The Ardas is typically recited in the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) and is an integral part of Sikh ceremonies and gatherings. It includes sections that pay homage to the ten Sikh Gurus, various historical events, and concludes with a universal prayer for the well-being of all. Ardas serves as a unifying and spiritually uplifting practice for Sikhs, emphasizing the values of humility, gratitude, and community.


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