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Chaupai Sahib PDF Summary

“Chaupai Sahib” is a prayer composed by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, and it is a part of the larger Sikh scripture known as “Dasam Granth.” This hymn consists of 27 verses, written in the form of quatrains (chaupais). It is a powerful and spiritually uplifting composition, addressing the Almighty and seeking protection, guidance, and strength.

Chaupai Sahib is often recited by Sikhs as a form of prayer for divine assistance, courage, and a connection with the Supreme. The prayer emphasizes the qualities of the Almighty, expresses humility, and seeks refuge in the divine. Many Sikhs incorporate the recitation of Chaupai Sahib into their daily prayers, considering it a source of inspiration and a means to foster a deeper spiritual connection.

The hymn is particularly revered for its profound expressions of devotion, surrender, and the Sikh warrior spirit. It holds a significant place in Sikh worship and is recited during various religious ceremonies and occasions.



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